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Cancellation Terms for Diana Apartments


Cancellation before 30 days of arrival

In case of cancellation of 30 days before the arrival date,  you are not charged for your booking and we will refund the whole amount that was paid for your booking (50% payment in advance or payoff) to your bank account. While refunding, the cost of any bank wire expenses is yours.


Cancellation in less than 30 days of arrival

If you decide to cancel your booking in less than 30 days prior to your arrival, you will lose the 50%  payment in advance.

If you had made a payoff for your booking, we will refund only the rest 50% to your bank account.


Case of "No-Show"

We think that it is really possible to inform us at least one day before your arrival, if you are unable to come to Diana Apartments for your holidays. In such case, you belong to the section "Cancellation in less than 30 days of arrival".

Otherwise, in case of "No-Show",  you are charged the total cost of your reservation.